About Our Team

Alice, Allyson & Deborah

Welcome to the Women in Mac Eng blog, created for our Social Media Research & Techniques (#SMRTCCE) course at McMaster University. We intend to present a case study that will look at how McMaster is currently using social media and review any gaps we can bridge with coordinated strategies and tactics. We want to close the gap between prospective students and the information they need to choose a University. Specifically, we would like to focus on increasing the enrolment of female students in the Faculty of Engineering. This will maintain a reasonable scope for the project in consideration of resources and time available for the team.

Along the way, you will see the journey we take as we develop a social media program that incorporates the values and methodologies of best practises in public relations and communications. So hang on to your horses as we take off into the horizon of creativity and community.

Thanks for following us!

Alice, Allyson & Deborah


One thought on “About Our Team

  1. […] My team created a blog, which you can enjoy at https://womeninmaceng.wordpress.com . Following is a summary of my “Lessons Learned”.  Feel free to comment ~ let me know what you think! […]

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